The purpose of the Master Plan is to outline a systematic approach for the planning and implementation of the redevelopment and revitalization of Historic Downtown Steubenville.

A "Focus Area" was selected that is comprised of a 12 block area Third and Sixth Street to the east and west and North and South Street to the north and south.

The downtown area has been steadily declining due to loss of jobs and tax revenue created by the steel and coal industry, and to suburban sprawl in the 1970's.  These slowly developing occurrences in our downtown's history over the past thirty years have resulted in numerous vacancies and urban blight.

This plan focuses on the vacant buildings in the focus area and provides a road map for development of those buildings. Also taken into account are the vibrant businesses and services currently operating in downtown, as well as what businesses, services, entertainment, and cultural venues not currently represented in the focus area that need to be attracted downtown.

The goal is to create a momentum of success in the redevelopment of  downtown Steubenville that will encourage continued by Steubenville residents, as well as attracting development from outside the region and beyond

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