In September 2006, Jefferson County's Progress Alliance sponsored a workshop and seminar "What's Up Downtown?" to incite interest in the revitalization of the downtown area of Steubenville. Over 75 people attended the discussions by well-respected experts on community redevelopment. That Program spawned further meetings which led to the formation of the Steubenville Revitalization (SRG) in January 2007.

The mission of the SRG is to foster and develop downtown Steubenville as a viable location for business, culture and recreation. The SRG decided to focus on the downtown business area and begin developing surveys and maps to refine the needs and possibilities for the area.

In the past three years the group has held numerous public meetings to get feedback from local residents and business men and women. The group sponsored a fundraiser for a downtown medical clinic that provided publicity and evidence of its commitment to the downtown area. It is currently a non-profit organization under the fiscal umbrella of the Community foundation of Jefferson County and meets monthly at the Classic Corner Restaurant in Steubenville.

In 2008 the SRG retained the services of Lou Stein of Valley Ventures to assist in producing a Comprehensive Master Plan for the redevelopment and revitalization of the downtown area. 

The SRG meets the second Monday of each month at the Classic Corner Restaurant (5th & Washington Streets, Steubenville) and welcomes all those interested in the redevelopment of the downtown.
     SRG Executive Board:

Chair                Jerry Barilla            Frank & Jerry's Furniture and Applicances (Owner)
Vice Chair         Susan Probert         Voto Sales (Controller -Retired)
Secretary          Judy Bratten           Historic Fort Steuben (Executive Director)
Treasurer         Tom Timmons         Huntington Bank (Vice-President)
Com. Chair       Rob Gribben           Grae-Con Construction (Vice-President)
Com. Chair       Laura Froehlich       Froehlich's Classic Corner

P.O. Box 602
Steubenville, OH 43952